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Let Fortnite Chapter 2 Final Countdown Begin !

Fortnite Chapter 2 final will begin in-game on Dec. 4 at 4 p.m., are you ready for the war?

In the last article, we mentioned that Chapter 3 will be related to black holes in the new season. While the countdown is counting down, let us see what the recent  events are.

1. Details about Chapter 3 new weapons surface!

We know Chapter 2 season 8 weapons like Sideways Mini Gun, Sideways Rifle, Automatic Sniper Rifle or Combat Shotgun. The official did not announce Chapter 3 weapons but Epic Games have unveiled a teaser in relation to their Chapter 2 Finale event that's coming on Saturday 4th December 2021. Our reliable leaker HYPEX also posted this new information on Twitter:

We can also see from the epic promo. It’s ugly hot, right?

2. “Seagulls coming in Chapter 3 as the next flying animals. They are in one of Chapter 3's concept arts near a tropical/beach area but idk when exactly they'll release, most likely Season 1.” also catch from HYPEX. I cant wait!

3. Shopping carts has a new version that can be refueled! Boogie bomb that lost voting also back ! The hotfix which is said that players will be knocked out by The Last reality has prepared!

4. When and what kind of Christmas skins we can get:

During December 4th to 6th, we can have highest chance to get Candy Axe (cost 1500 V-bucks) , Slushy Soldier (1200 V-bucks); highest chance to get Cracker Bella (cost 2000 V-bucks), CrackShot (1500 V-bucks) during December 7th to 10th ; Mogul Master and Alpine Ace (both cost 1500 V-bucks) during December 4th to 10th and cute Ginger Renegade (cost 1500 V-bucks) and Ginger Gunner (cost 1200 V-bucks) during second week of December, etc.

By the way,  IGVault has some excellent skins,outfits and accounts which are no longer sold in the game. If you are interested, you can search immediately. We have 7-days warranty so if you have any problems ,just contact with us. See you next week!

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