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How to Complete Quest Reach Max Shields at Fortnite Temple

      Well, maybe you have known in the newest update, the temple it's starting to be infected and the ripsaw, not bad new weapon . It originally  only found in a single building at the north of the island, but it's now available in all forms of loot across the map for one week. And the XP grind in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is simply horrible for most Loopers. This explains why they are desperately waiting for new quests and challenges that can help them level up. Today we offer a guide to help you complete the week3 quest based on reaching max shields at the temple.

      First, Tumbledown Temple is a landmark located east of Rocky Reels and south of Sanctuary. And Reaching max shields in Fortnite means that the loopers must have 100 shield points. This can be achieved through a wide range of items:

Small Shield Potionprovides 25 shield but cannot be used after the shield reaches 50

Shield Potionprovides 50 shield

Shield Keg4 shield/second

Klomberries10 shield

Slurp Mushrooms

Chug Splash20 shield

All shield items can be found on the island as floor loot and inside chests. 

      So one of the good way to get super lucky and find some shield potions is to drop on down at the daily bugle and loot up the daily bugle has so much loot over at it that you're almost guaranteed to get either a shield keg or two big shields or mini shields.

 It's easier to drink one of them while you're not in the area because most likely there's going to be a lot of people over there that are also trying to complete this challenge. The second step is to run to Temple as soon as possible and drink your other potion or klomberries. 

Or you can drop at this place as picture shows, buy 3 small shield potions then run or slide to the destination. Be aware of any people aroud you in case of interrupting the quest. You can also find the revelant video from Cbmrad3sYT.

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