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Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Update and Others

With the arrival of Chapter 4 Season 1, Epic Games have once again pulled out all the stops with crossover characters from The Witcher and Doom as well as several original skins to claim. Lots of players and influencers were shocked by Doom Slayer and the witcher which might be the most popular new skins. The other new skins in the season’s battle pass are as following:

Selene skin; Massai skin; Dusty skin; Nezumi skin; Helsie skin; The Ageless skin

Also they add many creative things like Shockwave Hammer, snap juice and Sky jellies which can help you bounce farther.

The map in the season’s battle pass also has big changes compared with Chapter3; the forest color is darker and like tilted tower building disappeared. All locations are as following:

The Citadel/Anvil Square/Shattered Slabs/Frenzy Fields/ Breakwater Bay /Slappy Shores/ Faulty Splits/Lonely Labs/ Brutal Bastion

The Citadel is located on the upper northwest side of the map. As the name suggests, is a vast castle-looking stronghold with massive structures and statues decorating the landscape.

Tucked away in dense forest to the southeast of the castle, Anvil Square features medieval architecture, a quaint and lovely change of pace from other, more traditional POIs this season.

And one of the fun aspects of the Brutal Bastion area is that you can tap the snow with your pickaxe to create a snowball, jump inside the snowball, and start rolling. Attacking the enemy in this way may have unexpected surprises.

Frenzy Fields: Acres of abandoned farms. It may seem like a quiet and relaxing place, but you'll likely meet plenty of enemies looking for the same sense of security.

In addition, players can enjoy the joy of driving motorcycles in season 1, what’s your expectation for the next update?

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