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Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 7 and 8 Challenges Guide

  Completing the weekly challenges is the best way to clear levels on the Fortnite battle pass each season, as each task completed unlocks an XP reward. If you have some difficulties, please take a look, we hope it can help you.

  Fortnite Week 7 challenges

  -Keep the first weapon you collect in your inventory until you reach the top 20 players (0/1)

  -Deal damage to airborn opponents (01)

  -Destroy structures with a Baller (0/20)

  -Throw different Consumable Pickups in a single match (0/3)

  -Perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a Wolf or Boar (0/1)

  -Stop the music at the Rave Cave (0/3)

  -Crack opponents' shields (0/3)

  -Deal damage with a shotgun (0/150)

  -Deal damage with a Pistol (0/150)

  About number three - destroy structures with a baller, ballers can be found in and around rave cave and you have to destroy 20 structures to complete this challenge so I recommend to go to places with small items on the ground. For example inside rave cave where we have all these small chairs and stuff because when you bump into objects you only deal a little bit of damage to those structures, so if they have low hp it's easier to destroy them you might want to boost into structures to get some extra damage.

  For numer four- Throw different Consumable Pickups in a single match. A good place to go is the truck west of sleepy sound in and around this truck you can find multiple fruit boxes, get yourself items like bananas apples mushrooms or whatever you get out of the box. Once you have them throw three different items on the ground and you complete the challenge but it should also count with stuff like mini shields big shields and med kits as long as you consume it.

  Fortnite Week 8 challenges

  -Destroy 5 structures with a single shot of the Ripsaw Launcher (0/1)

  -Make opponents dance with Boogie Bombs (0/3)

  -Throw a Fish into water (0/1)

  -Damage an opponent with a weapon obtained from fishing (0/1)

  -Deal explosive damge while looking away (0/1)

  -Find the coolest player on the island (0/1)

  -Damage an opponent with a vehicle within 5 seconds of honking (0/1)

  -Gather Forageables (0/3)

  -Deal damage from 30+ meters with an Assault Rifle (0/100)

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