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Dragon Ball Adventure Continues in Fortnite

      Dragon Ball collecting adventure started in August last year, many of us thought it ended in Chapter3. But we got the surprise, Fortnite official posted on Twitter the day before yesterday : Get ready to power up with the return of Fortnite x Dragon Ball! Son Gohan and Piccolo make their way to the Island. There’s also the return of the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, Kamehameha attack item and Nimbus Cloud (Kitoun) mobility item.  As the first set of Dragon Ball quests last a week, we think the second should last a week as well - giving us at least until the 14th February to complete all of the challenges and earn rewards on the Adventure Island.

And remember the code for the Dragon Ball Adventure Island in Fortnite:  5642-8525-5429

      So Starting January 31 at 9 AM ET, if you want to unlock the Orange Piccolo Spray, complete a Dragon Ball-themed Weekly Quest on this island. Starting February 7 at 9 AM ET, complete another Dragon Ball-themed Weekly Quest to unlock the Gohan Beast Spray! New outfits and accessories also can be found in item shop like Piccolo's Cape and Turban Back Bling, Piccolo's Handheld House Pickaxe.

      How to collect dragon balls?

      Actually, you only need to find four in order to complete the Quest and secure the Orange Piccolo Spray. Once you’ve successfully loaded into Adventure Island, you’ll be met with a message that tells you to head over to the Quest Board to begin hunting down each Dragon Ball. Ticking off each objective will reward you with one more Dragon Ball to add to your collection.

      The specific method:

      1.Pick it up next to the Quest Board in Resort Area.

      2.Use the Radar on the bench to ping the location.

      3.Collect ingredients to craft three different fish for Goku in his house.

      4.Reach the end of the time trial at Room of Spirit and Time.

      5.Complete the Nimbus Cloud time trial at Kami’s Palace.

      6.Use the Kamehameha to destroy five rocks on Beerus Planet.

      7.Find the other six Dragon Balls in Resort Area.

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