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5 Fortnite Chapter4 Season1 Secrets You Don’t Know

C4S1 has been on for half a month, but there must be some little points you may not notice. First, one of the biggest mysteries on the island right now is at the Citadel where construction has started on some kind of Rift portal. If you look at the blueprints you can see this thing is inspired by Stargate but it could also be for Doom so we'll have to wait and see that's not the only map change.

Second, there's an NPC that no one knows about and she sells one of the best weapons in the game head to the Citadel and you'll find princess fish stick in a nearby Tower obviously Rapunzel reference aside if you talk to her she sells an exotic Grappler bow but this only gets better when you combo it with a soaring Sprint perk that gives you a permanent hop Rock effect this is easily the greatest rotation strategy. 

Third, an amazing item named Guardian Shield. This was shown in the trailer twice, once was shown with the character using it on their arm and then once with it also planted and there also is a leaked clip of this on in the shades Twitter. It seems that you can keep it on your wrist to walk around with infinite protection or throw it down to create a barrier the features keep coming because it won't disappear after one use this thing has an energy meter instead and you can even change the shape.

Fourth, a brand new emote that split the player base in half Stake Your Claim lets you put down a flag with your own custom Banner; but it can only be used when you've got a win making it the first Victory Royale. There’s also another emote that can be used only when you win a match. It’s the Dr. Doom built-in emote.

And last one secret is about chrome. The winterfest gave us many Christmas gifts so we hardly noticed what the Chapter 4 trailer showed.

Guff and everyone else is freezing cold but notice one thing: fortnite just got rid of the Chrome but there is a chrome umbrella it looks like there's Chrome on the ground. This is the first time ever seeing anything Chrome related since the herald got eliminated but is she back in the game it only gets crazier in this trailer. Let’s look forward what will happen later.

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