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Brief comments for FGO New Characters in 2.6.5

Brief comments for FGO New Characters in 2.6.5

1. Charlemagne / SSR / Saber / Quick

He has a multi-hits Quick Noble Phantasm. if there are multiple enemies in a row, he can get a lot of stars by using Noble Phantasm (if there are three enemies, then he can get about 50 stars). Basically, his main task is to defeat enemies in WAVE 1 and prepare a lot of stars for WAVE 2.

Charlemagne will shine in the future when the new Quick Noble Phantasm support character (like Skadi) appears.

2. James Moriarty / SSR / Ruler / Arts

His Noble Phantasm can add "Evil" properties to enemies. Enough buffs and special attacks enable him to deal a lot of damage. He is great for teaming up with Castria. But his NP rate is very bad. This makes it difficult for him to start Noble Phantasm quickly.

3Roland / SR / Saber / Buster

The invincible penetration, debuffs and buffs of his Noble Phantasm allow him to take on gimmicky and powerful servants in high difficulty events. If the enemy has only one Lancer, he will definitely play an active role. 

But unfortunately, he can't play much of a role in daily battles.

4. Kriemhild/ SR / Berserker / Arts

Great character. Her skill can recover 50% NP. When a Berserker has this skill, he is very powerful. She will be active both in daily battles and high difficulty levels with only one enemy. Since she is primarily art-based, she will be a very flexible character if she is supported by Casteria.

If you have not Vlad or Galatea, you'd better not miss her.

5. Don Quixote / SR / Lancer / Quick

As a Quick character, he's pretty buffed up. If he faces an enemy that is a giant of Archer or Berserker, he will gain firepower comparable to a 5-star character. However, since many single-gunners have special attacks, there may not be many occasions where he can be applied.

6. Zhang Jiao/ R / Caster/ Quick

The first Quick Noble Phantasm in R Caster. His Noble Phantasm will add buffs before the damage is settled and will provide different debuffs to the enemy. Unfortunately, since it's a 3-star Caster, you can't expect much damage.

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