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On Halloween, what benefit will you get from igvault for FIFA 21 Coins?

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Countdown.

Halloween is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 10.31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. Better known as Ultimate Scream, this is an event created to celebrate this day. It runs from October 23 to November 2, 2020


In order to provide more promo for our FIFA 21 Fans, iGVault will provide 30% OFF for every order. Besides, we provide FREE 8M Coins daily from October 23 to November 2, 2020 




Q:What's promo available time?

A:From October 23 to November 2, 2020 , Daily 30% OFF and Free 8M Coins.


Q: What is Free 8M Coins daily?

A:We provide free 8M coins daily for 51 Users.

First Prize:1000K Coins * 1 Users

Second Prize : 500K Coins * 5 Users

Third Prize:100K Coins * 45 Users


Q:How can i get Free 8M Coins daily ?

A:Daily 8M Coins, 51 Users will have opportunities to get it.

If you paid over 300K coins , you will have opportunities to get Free Coins.

More Coins you paid, more free coins you can get.


Q:Where can i know i have got the Free Coins?

A:We will announce the lucky list on our website. If you are lucker, we will also email you, and send you delivery link of the free coins. 

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