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More Details About FIFA 21 Pre Sale

More Details About FIFA 21 Pre-Sale

FIFA 21 is coming! Eager to get your favorite FUT players at the first beginning of FIFA21 ?

Pre-sale for FIFA21 coins on iGVault Get Started!

Valid 2020.9.16 - 2020.9.30 UK Time.

1. How does FIFA 21 Pre-Sale work ?

FIFA 21 Coins Pre Sale

2. Pre-order FIFA 21 Coins with us, you can get :

2.1 Priority Delivery From 2020.10.01 : We do delivery due to the order time, once they are avalible for trading. 

2.2 FREE 50 EUR Cash Voucher : After placing your order, you will get free 50 EUR cash voucher Code with an Email. You can use it anytime from 2020.10.01 - 2021.1.31 ( before the TOTY) and only for FIFA 21 Coins

2.3 Price Guarantee: We ensure your Pre-order price will not be higher than sale price when we make delivery.

If the price you paid for pre-sale is higher than the sale price according to the delivery time, you will get the equivalent value of coins as the compensation.

If it's lower, we'll always deliver the entire amount you ordered regardless of price fluctuation.

3. When will you get your Pre-Order FIFA 21 Coins ?

Estimated delivery time: 2010.10.01 - 2020.10.10. If you have access of EA ,We can make delivery for you.

4. How can you get your Pre-Order FIFA 21 Coins ?

When it is avalible for trading,we will email and remind you,then you give us your origin account information,we will do priority delivery with safe trade for you.

5. If you do not want your order before delivery,we provide Fully Refund Guarantee.

Limited supply available! Purchase now!

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