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How to Trade FIFA Mobile Points

How to Trade FIFA Mobile Points

We provide secure Delivery Method

Comfort trade:

It’s safest and convenient way to Get FIFA Mobile Points. We can ensure 100% transaction safety.

All you need to do is that please provide Facebook Account , Facebook Account Password and Facebook recovery codes before payment.

When you paid and we can login in your facebook account and then make Delivery with safety.

Important Note:

1. Please do not login your account during our delivery.

2. Please Make sure you have open the two - factor authentication.

This is a guide on How to make Code Generator & two-factor authentication on Facebook

1. Go to your Security and Login Settings by clicking  in the top-right corner of Facebook and clicking Settings > Security and Login.


2. Scroll down to Edit Use two-factor authentication.


3. Go to Recovery Code and click Get Code.


4. Send us the 10 Codes showed in Screen


You can pick three code of them submitted to us, when we need to verify the account, only need to use code can be verified. When the order is completed, for your account security, please modify your account password frist.

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