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FIFA 23: World Cup mode set to be included as DLC

FIFA 23: World Cup mode set to be included as DLC
By Matthew Francis

With the 2022 World Cup set to make a splash at the end of this year, we've got the latest on a new leak that suggests that the World Cup will be arriving in FIFA 23 as DLC.

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Another piece of exciting news is that the Women's World Cup has also been rumoured to feature in the new game, which could give an indication of greater inclusion of the Women's game in FIFA 23.
EA Sports has already confirmed that the World Cup will feature in FIFA 23 as part of their split announcement with the FIFA franchise.

In previous years, the World Cup mode has acted as a great distraction from the base game, with an exciting array of Ultimate Team cards and offline aesthetics brought into football's top gaming franchise.
Whilst we aren't sure how deep the inclusion of the World Cup will be - or if it will come at any extra expense - we can be sure that the implementation of the game's most prestigious tournament will breathe new life into FIFA 23 when it needs it most.

A winter World Cup may be alien to us all thus far, but we can't wait to see what new and exciting spins it offers to FIFA 23.

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