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What is Runes in Diablo Immortal ?

Runes can be used to craft Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal . There are 15 runes can be earned by various activities or purchased from the Fading Ember Merchant in town. A part of runes is used to craft 2 Star Legendary Gems and the other part is for 3 Star Legendary Gems. For 5 Star Legendary Gems, you can only craft them by using the random recipes at the Jeweler. It takes quite a long time and expensive to craft a 3 Star Legendary Gem. Make a plan to use these resources to rank up a powerful Legendary Gem and spend the left on 5 Star Legendary Gem.

Elder Rifts are the primary way to obtain Runes and Fading Ember. It can be used to obtain either a Rare or Legendary Crest. Each Rare Crest provides 1 random Rune and each Legendary Crest provides 3.

Fading Ember are resources which can be earned by completing an Elder Rift with a Rare or Legendary Crest. Anytime anyone in your party uses one of these Crests will benefit everyone will receive 15 Fading Ember each. Use Fading Ember at the Fading Ember Merchant to buy Runes and Legendary Gems. Sell those unwanted Legendary Gems for Platinum on the Marketplace.

The Fading Ember Merchant sells Runes and Legendary Gems, but the in stock Legendary Gems will change every week.

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