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What do you need to know about Currencies &Crafting Materials?

Crafting materials and currencies are deeply tied to the progression in Diablo Immortal. This article explains how you can get them and which ones are purchasable in the Store or it is farmable. Get known how to earn and spend your currencies to ensuring you maximize your character's power, so let’s get started!

Gold: It is the common, farmable currency in Diablo Immortal. You can earn the gold by Killing monsters (Best way), Bounties, Completing Dungeons, Weekly Immortals Rewards, Many other insignificant sources. By the way, if you have an significant amount of extra Gold you can spend them some (NOT ALL OF THEM !) at the Rarities and Antiquities Merchant.

Hilts: They are a non-farmable currency which is earned by Weekly Immortal Rewards, Bounties, Completing Battlegrounds, Defending the Vault / Raiding the Vault, Completing Exploration events in the Codex, Reach the server top 10 Group Challenge Rift Leaderboard, Server First solo completion of every 10th Challenge Rift.  Just remember, in general, any farmable item is not worth spending. Don't be afraid to float a large balance of Hilts. Carefully spending them on the right items will be better off in the long run.

Platinum: It is a non-farmable currency that is used for buying items from other players on the Marketplace, and crafting. You can earn Platinum by selling items on the Marketplace, Daily Activity Reward, Buy Platinum from the Store. Platinum is an extremely limited for free to play players, so please spend them carefully. 

Eternal Orb: It is a non-farmable and paid ONLY currency that can be bought with real money. 

Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards: They are crafting materials used for blacksmith upgrades. They can be earned by Killing monsters, Zone Events, Tasks, and Cursed Chests, Complete Shadows and Immortals events, Many other insignificant sources.

Legendary Crestand Rare Crests: They can be earned by buying from the 
Hilts Trader, the Crest Merchant, reaching the server top 10 Group Challenge Rift Leaderboard, buying from the Store with Eternal Orbs, Completing the Battle Pass, Completing an Elder Rift with Daedessa's Blessing.

Fading Ember: It is a crafting material that is only rewarded by spending crests to enhance Elder Rifts.

Legendary Gems: They can be earned by Spending Crests to enhance Elder Rifts, Earning from the Battle Pass, Buying at the Hilts Trader, Craft using Runes at the Apprentice Jewelcrafter, Buying at the Marketplace.

Runes: They are a crafting material that allow you to craft Legendary Gems at the Apprentice Jewelcrafter. You can earn them by Spending Crests to enhance Elder Rifts, Fading Ember Trader, Buying from the Marketplace.

Scoria: It is a crafting material and can be earned by Completing the Daily Activity Reward, Advance the Battle Pass, Buying the Empowered Battle Pass.

Reforge Stones: They are a crafting materia and can be earned by Buy at the Hilts Trader, Advance the Battle Pass, Buy from the Store.

Alchemical Powder and Charms: It is a crafting material received when you salvage a Charm. You can get it by Buying from the Hilts Trader, Completing your Daily Activity Reward, Advance the Battle Pass.

Essentia: It is a currency for the Immortals that is used to buy keys to Kion's Ordeal. It can be earned by Contributing Raw Essentia to the Immortals, Stealing it from the Immortals by Raiding the Vault

Raw Essentia: It is a currency awarded for completing daily quests for the Immortals. It can be Earned by Completing daily Immortals quests, Buying it from the Hilts Trader.

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