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Thing you need to know about the Shadow War

The Shadows are one of three factions available in Diablo Immortal. It can be joined by Adventurers through the Shadow Lottery or invite directly from a current Shadow member. Serving as the eyes in the dark, the watchers ensure the Immortals are still worthy of their station as the defenders of Sanctuary. The Shadows continue to fight each other every week in the Shadow War PvP event and challenge the Immortals!

You can be registered for for the Shadow War each week on Monday to Tuesday. A preliminary battle takes place every Thursday and the final battle happens on Saturday.

The Shadow wars are similar to the Challenge of the Immortal. Compare with the 2 factions fighting each other, the Shadows Dark Clans fight against themselves to determine who is worthy to attempt overthrowing the current Immortals.

In the Shadow War, 2 Dark Clans against each other in each battle. The top 30 players chosen in a Dark Clan go up against the leader of the opposing Dark Clan. It is similar to the final fight against the Immortal in the Rite of Exile. 

The top 10 Dark Clans in the Shadow War get chance to fight the Immortals in the Rite of Exile. If a Dark clan is victorious, they will become the new Immortals, along with 2 allied Dark Clans!

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