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Spend your money wisely on Battle Pass & Shop

Before the introduction, that spending money in Diablo Immortal is not necessary to reach end game content, the game is free to download and play in its entirety. If you do choose to spend money in game there are a few ways can maximise your buck early on. However, how you spend your money is up to you in the end. This article is to tell you on what spending money can grant you.

The Battle Pass can bring you amazing source of various materials and resources that can boost the power of your character in many different ways. Each rank rewards you with an extraordinary amount of experience. This is very useful on the way of progress through the Campaign and level up your character. The free version of the Battle Pass is available once you reach level 10 and complete the tutorial. You can purchase the Empowered version as well with real Money. 

If you purchase the Empowered Battle Pass, you will unlock another row of rewards that are available at each rank reached. It will give you double the bonus of the standard Battle Pass. 

Be careful, the Empowered Battle Pass can only be obtained on one character per account. So before the purchase, you need to make a decision if you have multi characters.

The Battle Pass has 40 ranks. The missions are divided into three different categories: Guide, Activities and Quests. Completing any of these 3 categories objectives will reward you with Battle Points, which progress your Battle Pass and unlock the next rank. 

The first 9 ranks require fewer Battle Points to reach and are obtained quite easily, at Rank 10 each one requires 180 Battle Points to progress. Once you reached rank 40, you will receive a Gift of the Renown for every 180 Battle Points earned, with a maximum of 20 Gifts during the battle pass period. 

The shop allows you the option to purchase Crests, Materials, Bundles, Services and Currencies using real money. Most of these items in the Shop can be purchased directly with Money. The others require you to buy Eternal Orbs first, then use those in the shop.

The featured section of the shop has rotating deals offering various resources. You can find  normal Gems, Crests or Aspirant's Key, for a typically low price( 5-20% off ).

Crests in this section are only purchasable with Eternal Orbs, use the currency tab first to obtain some if needed. Purchasing Legendary Crest is the most spammable thing in the shop. Most players will focus on these to obtain Legendary Gems.

This section contains Family Reforge Stones which allow you to change a specific Bonus Attribute on a piece of Primary Gear. The Dawning Echo also available here and is used when Awakening Gear.  Eternal Orbs are needed to buy items in this section.

As you reach different milestones throughout the game different bundles appear in the shop. 

Each bundle can only be purchased once per account and new bundles will be added periodically so check back to see if anything peaks your interest. Remember, a free bundle is available everyday.

Services currently include the Empowered Battle Pass(we already mentioned before) and the Boon of the Plenty. The Boon of the Plenty instantly gives you 300 Eternal Orbs, extra Market trading slots and additional Stash Storage. On top of this it gives you 1 Rare Crest each day for 30 days.

This is where you can buy Eternal Orbs and Platinum using real Money. 
Eternal Orbs are used as the primary currency in the shop as well as various merchants throughout Sanctuary. Platinum is used at the Marketplace to purchase items, it is scarcely available through the daily Battle Pass activity.

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