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Diablo Immortal Dungeon Guide

During you progress through the campaign, Diablo Immortal Dungeons can be found in many World Zones. Once you've completed them for the first time dungeons can be repeated solo or with a party as much as you want and also shown as objectives on the Bounty Board, Immortal Daily Quests and Shadow Contracts. 

There are 7 dungeons currently in the game.They are all with their own unique design and strategies.These dungeons are challenging. If you feel too hard, check with the Blacksmith and Jeweler to see if there are any upgrades available. Once you unlock Hell difficulties, these dungeons get much harder and the difficulty scales with your party size.Set Items are the main rewards from Dungeons, getting these efficiently is greatly beneficial to your character. Dungeons rotate as a daily featured activity.All classes perform well in dungeons, each bringing different advantage in solo or group play. In solo play you need to manage your skills so that you have a mix of AOE and single target damage. In groups you can have players fill certain roles, whether clearing out all the enemies, running super fast to the boss or being the ultimate boss killer. The more you varieties your group the more successful your farming will be. 

Set items are the most powerful items available for your secondary item slots: Amulet, Rings, Gloves, Belt and Boots and can only be obtained by Dungeons. Max level is required before these items start dropping and certain item will only be available in Hell 1, you must get to Hell 2 to unlock every item slot and equip a full set. Each Dungeon has specific Set Items that drop inside as part of the normal loot pool. 

Check your Codex to see which Dungeons will offer Double drops for Set Items everyday. This will  be more efficient when farming certain Set Items. Sometimes a Dungeon is worth double Battle Points.Set items all provide different bonuses when 3 and 6 pieces of the Set are acquired. Depending on the Class you've chosen, some of them are stronger than others

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