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Crash Course of run to LV60

Do not get all the Battle Points from completed activities in the Codex.Battle Points will rank up the Battle Pass, and it will give you a big amount of experience.The amount of experience will be rewarded and increase your character level, so it is worth to wait. After it reach rank 10, save your Battle Points until you are level gated from entering a new zone.Get enough Battle Points to rank to lv10 of the Battle Pass. A free Legendary Off-Hand and the empowered tier rewards 3 Legendary Gems will be given as rewards at rank 10.


Waiting to collect until after your levels close to the level gate, as opposed to claiming immediately after finishing a zone. For example, if you are 5 levels away from the level gate to a new zone, you can farm 2 levels before ranking up the Battle Pass for more experience. However, do not waste Battle Points by overshooting the level gate.Only stop to kill enemies in large groups, especially for the group with elites. Continue running to the next main story objective when your damage skills are during the cooldown.Turn on auto-pickup for normal, magic and rare items in the general settings menu. It will save your time.


Equip new items when your bag is flashing. The green arrows on equipment is what you need. Remember to visit the Blacksmith whenever you return to a town/encampment. After checking for equipment upgrades, use the salvage all to quickly empty your inventory. Upgrading your lowest ranked gear ,if you have enough materials.


1. Monstrous Essence that drops. Turn them in at the Horadric Altar when you return to a town/encampment if you have 10 Monstrous Essence.

2. Most Tasks (indicated by a blue exclamation mark) are not worth stopping for.

3. Skip Hidden Lairs if you are in a rush to reach level 60.

4. Kill any Treasure Goblins you find. They are a valuable source of Gold and items.

5. Shrines and Globes can speed up the leveling process.


The level gate

Level 35 - Library of Zoltun Kulle

Level 40 - Bilefen

Level 46 - Mount Zavain

Level 51 - Frozen Tundra

Level 56 - Realm of Damnation

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