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The Diablo 4 Equipment Quality and Rarity Guide

Equipment in the game comes in five different colors: normal, magic, rare, legendary, and unique.

During the public beta, legendary equipment had the same range of affixes and fluctuation intervals as rare equipment of the same strength, except that legendary equipment had one additional affix.


The legendary affix of legendary equipment could also be extracted and applied to rare equipment, so legendary equipment could be thought of as rare equipment with five affixes.


Extracted legendary essence is a consumable item that can only be used once, but there is no limit to the number of times a base material can be infused.

Different essences have different applicable areas, such as attack-type essences that can only be used on weapons, gloves, amulets, and rings. Infusing essences into two-handed weapons and necklaces can increase their power.


Compared to legendary equipment, unique equipment is even rarer, and in the public beta, we could only obtain it from the Butcher with a low probability.

Most of the unique equipment in Diablo 4 follows the logic of Diablo 2, which means that:

1.They are even rarer and harder to drop.

2.They are unique, and all unique equipment has at least one affix that cannot be obtained from legendary equipment. For example, the Butcher's crit and damage increase against wounded enemies are affixes that cannot be found in normal weapon affixes.

3.The affixes are completely fixed, and different unique weapons only differ in the numerical range of their affixes, but the types of affixes are fixed.

Based on this, in Diablo 4, only one piece of unique equipment with the same name can be equipped, and dual-wielding classes cannot wield two Butchers at the same time – but you can equip different named unique equipment.

Scared and Ancestral items


These two basically refer to the quality of the equipment. You can understand it simply as normal, rare, and legendary equipment in Diablo 2, or normal, legendary, and primal unique equipment in Diablo 3.

Normal quality equipment can be obtained from the beginning of the game.

Divine quality equipment has a minimum level requirement of 50 and only drops after the world difficulty reaches level 3.

unique quality equipment has a minimum level requirement of 70, and only drops in the highest difficulty level 4. The higher the quality, the higher the base attributes of the equipment and the upper limit of the affixes. Normal gloves can have a maximum skill level of +2, divine can have a maximum of +3, and unique can have a maximum of +4. The quality of unique equipment affects the range of affixes, although the affixes themselves are fixed.

Legendary essence also has quality, and essences of the same quality can only be infused into equipment of the same quality.

In the later stages of the game, we need to farm unique base materials and unique legendary items to graduate, but obtaining unique equipment is relatively straightforward, as long as it is of unique quality.

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