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Overwatch Accounts FAQ

F:How do I sell Overwatch Accounts at iGVault?
A:1. Click iGVault site, and register yourself an account to become a seller if you haven't already.
2. Select Account Services and game you want to sell. Fill in ALL fields and make sure all information is correct. Click "Submit" after you have read and agree to our Terms of Service.
3. If you want to make any changes to your listing, select "Seller Centre " on the menu and click "Product Management".
4. At the Product Management page, you will be able to make any necessary changes to your listings, such as change price, unlist or remove account.

F: How do I receive money if Overwatch accounts sold out?
A: The money will come into your your account blance if buyer dont file a commplaint in 7 days. Ofc, we will take 15% commission for each account sold out.

F: How and when will I get my Overwatch account?
A:For Game Account transactions, iGVault or Seller will send the Game Account’s information to your iGVault inbox within 15 mins.

F: Is there any warranty for me if I buy Overwatch account from iGVault?
A: We have 7 Days Warranty Time for buyers bought Overwatch account from iGVault.
If you find there is something wrong with Overwatch account, such as wrong password, account got back, and account is not as description, you can file dispute and freeze this order. iGVault will check your dispute. And if it is true and caused by seller. We will make refund for you.

F: What should I do if I buy Overwatch account from iGVault?
A: 1. Please log in account and check account details once you receive account information from us.
2.If everything is ok, please change email and overwatch account password. For security reason, you can set up Blizzard Authenticator with your account.
3.If the account is not as description. Please do not change account information. Freeze this order and talk with seller, or contact iGVault 24/7 Online Service.

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