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Order has been in the processing state

Regarding the status of the account, when the account is in the processing state, there may be the following situations:

1.The account is ordered, but the buyer has not paid, and if the payment is not made within 60 minutes, the order will be automatically cancelled and the account will return to the on-sale status. (If you encounter a large number of goods on sale where the order is not paid, there may be malicious competition from other sellers, please contact online customer service)

2.The account is in the processing state for 24 to 72 hours, and the buyer is doing buyer verification simultaneously. If it cannot be completed within 72 hours, the order will be cancelled and the account will automatically return to the on-sale state.

3.The account has been in processing state for more than 4 days, and the payment may be pending. You can contact online customer service to inquire about the specific situation.

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