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Welcome to our Contact Center! You can here find our all contact details, you can quickly and easily get in touch with us.

As a professional and renommierte transaction platform for virtual ingame product, iGV who has the Multilingual team, who can offer the customers the fantastic customer service at any time. Our goal is to provide better service to our customers, which enables us to better listen,understand and serve to our customers. We always stay with you, and we strive to improve your experience!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with the following contact details !

Contact us with Live Support: Our live support is always 247 online! Please do not hesitate to click the icon, we are ready to solve your problems.

Contact your Account Manager: After you have registered your iGV account, please click "My iGV" to visit the Member Center and get your account manager in touch during working hours.

Contact us through Message: You can also contact us through Message. After you have registered on our homepage, please click the option of My Message. Your request shall be later sent through Message.

Contact us by phone/email:  Email:[email protected]

Address:  51 Fortescue Road, London, United Kingdom

You can also follow us by Facebook or Twitter

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