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The things you must know before buying COC Items

F:How the whole process of buying to get COC items works?


1. Pay and order the COC Gems.

2. Type the Supercell ID and Supercell E-mail below.
3. After the payment, our seller will use your Supercell E-mail to login in the game.
4. You will get a Verification Code in your E-mail, give that code to the sellers through IM.
5. Wait 5-10 Minutes, the seller will buy gems for you and the whole process over..

F: How to find my Supercell ID and Supercell Email?


1. Click Setting Buttom.

2. Then, at the top of the window, you can find the button of connect with Supercell, Click and you can find your Supercell ID and Supercell email.

Here, sakuragiao is the player id and the mosaic part is the Supercell email

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